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Executive Team




   Hieronymus is the translation and localization leader on the Czech market. Aiming primarily at quality, speed and reliability of the complex translation process, it has attracted some of the biggest foreign companies as well as smaller companies looking for the best way to extend the user base for their products. Throughout the years, Hieronymus has specialized in localizing software, translating technical documentation and user manuals, guides and specifications.

Executive Team

  • Ladislav Sembera, CEO
    ladislav d-o-t sembera a-t s-i-g-n hieronymus d-o-t cz

  • Jitka Kvapilikova, President
    jitka d-o-t kvapilikova a-t s-i-g-n hieronymus d-o-t cz

  • Kamila Semberova, Business Partner Manager
    kamila d-o-t semberova a-t s-i-g-n hieronymus d-o-t cz


Uzavrena 1
182 00 Prague 8
Czech Republic

Voice: +420 224 917 201
Fax: +420 224 917 205
Write us: hieronymus a-t s-i-g-n hieronymus d-o-t cz

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